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We are musicians, artists and activists from Chester for Europe, and we are organising non profit music events to support our EU membership. Our aim is to make Rock for Europe a nationwide event, with bands, speakers and dancers performing in solidarity with our EU neighbours, and to spread the message that we can maintain our EU membership. We wish to make people aware of the People’s Vote and how they can have a final say on the EU deal, with the option to remain.

The theme of our event is unity, cultural diversity, and shared European values of peace and democracy. Music is a powerful way of bringing people together and changing human consciousness. Politicians have become authoritarian and out of touch. It’s time to stand up and be heard – to start a revolution through music that will lead to a more inclusive, socially aware society. We are European and we wish to keep it that way.

Being part of the EU allows us to travel, work, live and retire in 28 countries, with full rights of citizenship. It allows artists to travel freely around Europe without costly visas, customs and special forms for instruments. We can’t allow the politicians to take our freedom away from us so they can achieve their self-serving agendas. This EU land belongs to you and me. So let’s Rock the People’s Vote and take control of our destinies.
We want to spread the message throughout the country: that it is possible to change our future for the better. Young people deserve a brighter future, as part of a democratic, unified Europe. They deserve a Final Say on Brexit.

Our non profit events are funded through Go Fund Me crowd donations. We rely on donations to organise pro-EU events and campaign for the People’s Vote – if you want to help us spread the message please donate.

The money will be used for: paying the performers’ expenses, promotional and campaigning material – banners, badges, leaflets, flags and t-shirts. Audio visual recordings to raise awareness on social media and newspaper ads.

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