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We had an amazing line up for Rock for Europe in Liverpool on 16 Feb 19

Rock For Europe

Rock for Europe
We came together to share some amazing live music and EU speakers to Rock the People’s Vote at Stanley Theatre, Liverpool University. Rock the Final Say! To live, love and play in 28 EU countries without borders. Together we made this happen and showed the world we are united in diversity. Rock4EU – we belong together in harmony.

Our line up included –

John Fairhurst has been hailed as ‘Wigan’s answer to Jimi Hendrix’, with his
astounding guitar skills. Following a decade playing the live circuit, it was 2016 that saw him break through to international demand. He was hailed by
Acoustic Guitar Magazine USA as in the top 3 Resonator guitar players
worldwide, the only European to make the list. John’s music has also featured
on several movie soundtracks. John is an ardent Remainer and supporter of
the People’s Vote Petition to demand a vote on the Brexit deal. He says “we,
the people, have the democratic right to determine our own future”. Rock for
Europe are thrilled to welcome John to Liverpool.

Jason Hunter is an International Trade Negotiator at the highest level, representing such parties as the government of Hong Kong. He has appeared on many news shows, exposing the truth about Brexit.

Madeleina Kay is a British artist, writer, musician and political activist. Awarded ‘Young European of the Year 2018’, she is known to most as #EUsupergirl for her creative campaigning to Stop Brexit. She has appeared on several news channels in the UK and across Europe.

The Breunion Boys are a young Dutch band who use the power of music to promote European unity and gain media attention along the way. Proving that a musical approach is the best way to save the unity of our union. Their slogan is “Never give up, join us and shape the future of Europe!'”

Sonnenberg, a German-Scouse indie rock band who combine Eastern and Western music influences to create a warm and gentle atmosphere. Acoustic guitar, Indian tablas and vocals are the ingredients that give Sonnenberg their unique sound. Their song, ‘Better Together’ epitomises the importance of European unity.

Sophie Dodd is a Liverpool singer/songwriter who combines poetry with rap and folk to create a rich musical conversation. Her protest songs talk about the need for social justice and the uncertainties young people face due to leaving the EU.

Long After Midnight are a classic rock cover band based in Liverpool. They are a great party band playing a fabulous set of danceable favourites – rock, RnB and soul classics. The late Prof Barry King was the founding member, and much-loved university lecturer. Their Liverpool gig is dedicated to him.

No 10 Vigil – Vigil against Brexit is a vibrant, energetic and creative protest group. Meeting regularly during the Parliamentary year every Monday and Wednesday from 6.30pm to 8.30pm right opposite Downing Street, they are there to be loud and visual. Everything from singing, music chanting and public speaking to waving an EU flag. They are there to “Break Brexit before Brexit breaks Britain”.

Julie Ward MEP is a Labour and Co-operative Party Member of the European Parliament for the North West of England. Julie is an active campaigner for equal rights and social justice, most recently organising local events for One Billion Rising, the global movement to raise awareness of violence against women and girls. Julie debunked the myth that our MEPS are powerless, and also the EU myths on nationalised industry.

Femi Oluwole studied Law with French and began a career in European human rights, working in Brussels and Vienna. He’s been using his EU law knowledge to inform the debate since February 2016. He cut his dream Traineeship short to come back to the UK and stop Brexit. As co-founder and chief spokesperson of Our Future, Our Choice, the youth campaign for a People’s Vote, Femi tours the country to engage with voters and promote discussion around the issues that underlay the referendum.

The In Limbo Project is a not-for-profit initiative set up by a group of EU27 citizens in the UK to record testimonies from the five million victims of Brexit and allow their voices to be heard. The Project has published to successful books. Cosi Doerfel speaks eloquently about the plight of EU nationals feeling stuck in limbo.

The 3 Million is the most influential organisation of EU citizens in the UK, campaigning for all to retain their existing rights after Brexit. ‘We are not a bargaining chip’ resonated with people throughout the country.

Luciana Berger is the Labour MP for Liverpool Wavertree. She has served as Shadow Minister for Energy & Climate Change, and then Shadow Minister for Public Health, campaigning for the NHS; she is President of the Labour Campaign for Mental Health and adviser on mental health to Liverpool City Region Mayor, Steve Rotheram. Luciana supports a People’s Vote for a final say now that the full implications of any Brexit deal are becoming apparent.

Natalie Bennett was Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales from 2012 – 2016. Natalie believes in having a People’s Vote together with a debate and action on fixing our broken system of government.

Jack Dart is a passionate Remainer, a political campaigner and is sick to death of Nigel Farage! From a working-class family in a deprived area of South Devon, Jack is focussing on becoming a politician to help his friends & family have a better quality of life. Jack is currently taking a year out of University to fight Brexit. He is founder of Brexit Breaks Britain and Inspire EU; President of LSBU Students for Europe and a Board Member of Young European Movement UK.


Musicians included:

john fairhurst

John Fairhurst

Heavy blues, slide guitar, foot-stompin' rhythms and deep growling vocals

Madeleina Kay,

Madeleina is an artist, writer, musician and social activist from Sheffield.



Sonnenberg is a folk/world band singer/guitarist Zinney, and percussionist/tabla-ist Saul Hughes plus occasional special guests.

Breunion Boys

The Breunion Boys is the European boyband on a mission to win Britain back!

No 10 Vigil

The No 10 Vigil (#No10Vigil) against Brexit is a vibrant, energetic and creative protest group.

Musicians included:

Jack Dart

Jack Dart

Founder of Brexit Breaks Britain, Founder of Inspire EU, President of LSBU Students for Europe, Board Member of Young Europeans

Jason Hunter

From @JasonJHunter: Is it just me that thinks that the criminal investigations and prosecutions into the Referendum should be completed before shouting in the House of Commons that "the result of the referendum should be respected"???

Julie Ward MEP

Julie Ward MEP

Julie is Labour's spokesperson on the European Parliament culture and education committee and is a member of the women's rights and gender equality committee.

In Limbo Brexit testimonies

In Limbo

Our Brexit Testimonies is an initiative set up to collect & publish the true stories of EU citizens living in the UK since the referendum.

The 3 Million logo

The 3 million


Luciana berger

Luciana Berger

Luciana Berger is a British Labour Co-operative politician who has been the Member of Parliament for Liverpool Wavertree since 2010.

Natalie Bennett

Natalie Bennett is a British politician and journalist who was born and raised in Australia. She led the Green Party of England and Wales from September 2012 to September 2016

chester for europe

Visit Chester for Europe

We are campaigning to ensure that Britain remains in the EU as a full and active member​

Past Events

We held our first event at Telfords Warehouse in Chester on 22 September 2018.

With a great mix of music – rock, folk, blues, jazz, representing the diverse cultures of the continent. Performances by Trials of Cato, Zinney Sonnenberg, Jonathan Tarplee/Blue Yellows, EU Elvis, Will Riding, An Croenen Brutsaert, Sophie Dodd, Madeleina Kay, Faux Bojo, Long After Midnight, Phil Hare and several EU speakers like Cosi Doerfel Hill and Nish Goyal, with craft stalls inside and European food and drinks available throughout the day.

We made a video of the event

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